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But how do folks learn about guns, holsters and concealed carry in an amusing and approachable way? They specialize in making sense of all that complicated shooting stuff with a large side helping of humor. Either they have a really, really serious urinary tract infection, or their holster is causing the pistol laser to activate. Whether packing heat on your belt or in your underwear, this book will teach new shooters about the dizzying array of gun holsters on the market. In addition to discussing numerous methods of carry in detail, The Insanely practical Guide to Gun Holsters profiles over specific holster models.

Dozens of photographs and Insanely Practical Tips help readers learn how to carry a gun safely and invisibly. Holsters are a tough thing to buy — especially for someone new to the world of guns. Holsters are expensive, and most experienced shooters have a whole box of unused, and very expensive, holsters.

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This book will dramatically improve the odds of making the right buy the first time. Having a gun swinging around that low would certainly make you the center of attention. Unless of course, you live in Mogadishu. Later in life, he created Insanely Practical Guides to pursue his passion of creating slightly offbeat, but educational, content related to guns, shooting, concealed carry and self defense. If you want to learn with a laugh about all things shooting, visit him there. Readers will learn important concepts including: A brief and entertaining history of gun holsters.

How to weigh concealment versus gun accessibility. Open or concealed carry?

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You can get both at a discount! Learn from real-life situations, not theory. Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio, describes felony assaults, both deadly and less than lethal, then world renowned self-defense expert Rob Pincus analyzes what victims did or could have done differently to change the outcome. Heart-thumping mental awareness additions to your personal knowledge base. One of the top writers in the field today challenges you to survive, armed or not, shows you how ordinary people fought back against mass murderers and won. A survival guide from the left -- unlike any survival book you have seen.

The author includes things you have never even considered. It turns out liberals fear a world collapse just like everyone, maybe more.

Financial upheaval, interruption of food, water or power supply, superbugs, muslims, nukes, martial law, it's a long list -- and here is a very fresh perspective -- how to survive and thrive with a left-wing slant. You're not adequately prepared if you don't look through this window into another world. Includes living tax-free, turning a credit card into a knife, death cults, asset protection, evading snipers, bikes of the apocalypse gotta love it!

An incisive look into the black community's black hole of ignorance and misconceptions about guns and real rights from a well-armed black conservative who threw off those shackles and is preaching the gospel of freedom and individual responsibility. When Kenn first attempted this book 15 years ago it and maybe he wasn't ready for prime time, and we didn't carry it. Now my friend has hit it out of the ballpark -- bringing together his experiences as a Marine, biker, loving husband and father, preacher and former CIA officer with amazing experiences to draw upon.

You will gain insight into the gun-rights battle, the racial components, the true value of arms, and some solutions that have never crossed your mind in this compelling great read. This would change the debate if African Americans read it, give yours away when you're done. Gun Fight!

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Just what it says and praised by Lt. Dave Grossman, armed self-defense techniques for hand-to-hand and direct-contact distances, profusely illustrated, with legal, gear and attitude considerations, valuable addition to your skill set. Dangerous stuff, for advance students.

The best gunfight is the one you avoid. With a stellar resume in defense, law enforcement and intelligence fields, speaker and educator Tarani opens your thinking about awareness and the kind of prep that keeps you safe and miles away from needing to draw your gun. See incidents coming like the pros do and avoid them entirely instead of reacting—which is halfway to defeat.

The result is a stunning study any hunter will find amazing—first ever first-hand details exposed. Stop punching paper holes at ranges and really train.

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This practical guide spells out key field-tested handgun training drills, explains the purpose of each drill, helps you identify areas of concern or weakness. Includes downloadable targets designed just for this book! Adding movement, using a shot timer, solo and partner drills, visualization, totally optimize your range time.

Choosing the best ways to carry is daunting for experts and newcomers. This book improves the results you get. Helps you make choices, saving time and money—with a cool dose of humor to boot. Great successes, colossal failures, huckster sales pitches, impressive.

Ayoob unloads 30 years of experience to supplement his classic In The Gravest Extreme and explores the modern world we face with state permits, capacity limits, real-world justifiable use of lethal force, the morality, legality, court complications, aftermath, case studies from Zimmerman to Arizona—he debunks the myths, covers Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine—you need to read the master to be a responsibly armed citizen.

Spellbinding and incisive as only Mas can be. The FBI tallies over 6, home burglaries daily—read this to avoid that statistic. The author, a nationally renowned personal-defense trainer provides no-nonsense practical advice to keep your family safe, harden your home against crime, choose the right firearms, tactics and techniques you can implement, no jargon, easy to follow plans. Reviewers rank it tops. A great resource for women who own a gun or are interested in obtaining one.

Explores challenges unique to women, best types of sidearms for women and fashions that work well for women carrying discreetly.

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Reviews the laws, interacting with officials, tips on gear, etiquette for women, extra coverage of carry options that tip the scales in your favor. Should I? Can I? How do I? What if? What will people think? Serious subject done seriously. Carry with confidence. Self-defense secrets for women, from avoiding confrontation to winning if you must fight. Prevail against attackers, no matter their size. Building blocks to a self-defense lifestyle, awareness, confrontation avoidance—and knowing when and how to fight back if necessary.

Learn personal safety, empowerment and security in your home, vehicle, workplace or on the street. Emotional and physical consequences of survival, self-defense options and techniques, hit them where it hurts, getting started with guns and discreet carry for women, shotguns too. Hundreds of photos. Infringed By Alexandria Kincaid, p. This is a crisp, fresh, explain-it-all policy guide for the gun debate by a savvy firearms attorney.

Through an accurate legal lens but always in normal English, from gun ownership, transfer, use, to gun trusts, stand your ground, where your rights are threatened and how to stand up for them. Get up to speed, argue better, understand every major policy issue easily. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano p. In a world flipped upside down by liberals and political correctness, all three branches of federal government assert unknown levels of coercive power until fed up Americans rise up to take back their country.

Raw, provocative, not for the faint of heart.