The Family Jewels and Other Collectables (Chairs Collection)

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Thomas Hamel, an interior designer who worked with Martyn Cook at the time and has since built an international business, recalls how Mary, temporarily staying at a health farm in Australia, called Frank Grill in New York to discuss her choices. Apart from the French and English furniture and Aubusson tapestries, the penthouse was a new home for the Rodin sculpture that once stood in the Fairwater hallway, as well as a clock with a cherub riding a chariot on a marble base, a Corinthian capital table, dining chairs purchased from the David James Gallery, a French Empire maple giltwood concert harp, a Venetian rococo harpsichord, chandeliers brought from Australia, an Emilo Greco sculpture of a naked woman titled Primavera , and a Victorian bird cage housing cockatiels.

The monumental Rodin sculpture returned as well. Who will design their new home? Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement. Valerie Lawson. Updated Sep 13, — 9.

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Inventory no. The Guardian. Retrieved 15 July The Sunday Times. Archived from the original on 2 December Some people know that this is perhaps the finest, and certainly what the royal palaces website proudly calls "the largest private collection of art in the world". Archived from the original on 4 April The Telegraph.

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  • Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 4 March New Statesman. The Vase-Bearers". Parliamentary Debates Hansard. United Kingdom: House of Commons. Retrieved 1 December Retrieved 22 May Retrieved 12 February There is a computerised inventory of the Royal Collection which identifies assets held by the Queen as Sovereign and as a private individual.

    Evening Standard. Retrieved 26 November Companies House. Archived from the original PDF on 1 April Cahill, Kevin Who owns Britain. Clayton, Martin; Whitaker, Lucy Hall, Michael Look at the other symbols on the bottom of your platter to learn more about it. You will see several marks which will indicate who made the platter, and where it was from. As marks change over the years, you may also learn the age.

    Check out a site - Hallmarks of English Silver Makers' Marks and Identification to learn more about the history of your silver. Tarnish may damage sterling. Polish it slowly and gently with a gentle silver polish like Wright's which is available in many stores. Do not use one of those chemical dips or one of those homemade dips like the one with boiling water and salt. Sometimes it looks nice when you leave a bit of tarnish in the detail work as it gives a depth to the piece. If you chose not to display your platter, keep it away from dampness.

    Wrap it in a cloth made specifically for silver storage. There is something special about keeping the old things that belonged to long-gone relatives.

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    I have some things that belonged to great grandmothers who I never met, who died before I was born. I can handle or treasure some of the things they held dear. It's a kind of connection that can mean a lot. Old cobalt glass is so pretty and can be quite collectible. Of course, that depends on what kind of glass you have. Cobalt blue Depression glass like Aurora or Royal Lace is very desirable so can command a high price. The most expensive pieces would be the rare ones like mixing bowls or refrigerator dishes. Small vintage cobalt blue vases can be found at thrift shops for next to nothing.

    So it depends on what you have. There are many modern pieces of cobalt blue glassware as well as reproductions.

    A Charitable Auction of Collectible Jewels

    You must first learn to identify what it is that you have before you can access the value. Find a helpful book on Depression Glassware to learn what you have. If you mean that you have blue bottles I love those cobalt blue medicine bottles, they are so pretty here is a book that may help you:. The relatively short production time means that less Lorian was produced than many other popular patterns.

    Before you decide to sell, check carefully for chips and cracks. Understand that during the midth-century love affair with Depression Glass lots of reproductions were made and sold as the real thing. I can't tell you where to sell your items. If you sell directly to a collector, you will realize more money than if you sell through a dealer or at a consignment shop. If someone else sells for you, they need to reap a percentage of the sales price.

    Many dealers will lower prices on items if they are not sold after a certain amount of time. You can try to sell them yourself on eBay, Etsy or another online sales site. If you decide to do that remember that you have to check the site often and package and mail the dishware.

    You may want to check out the National Depression Glass Association for more information.

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    They feature a dealer directory as well as lots of information on Depression Glass. Who can I trust to value it correctly and where do I locate someone dealing in Italian marble? How do you know that it is Italian marble? Take your stone dish to someone who deals in stone. There are lots of stone businesses these days with the popularity of marble and granite for counters, tables, etc.

    A knowledgeable dealer will be able to tell you if it is marble and, if so, what kind. Visit two different dealers to see if you get the same answer. Most will not charge you for this. If it is very valuable, the dealer may not be able to give you any actual value, but may be able to suggest that it is or is not valuable. A friend of mine has a counter top business and he is quite knowledgeable and just loves stone. Is the piece newer or old? If it looks dull and has some scratching look very closely for these it may be old. Search around online for similar items. Once you learn the material for sure, describe the material in the search bar.

    What is an Antique

    Include the item's size, color both primary and secondary , shape, and any details. A detail would include a wide or thick rim, or indentations for cigarettes.

    Obviously, if there are indentations for cigarettes, it is not ancient. If you begin to suspect that your stone tray is very old or valuable, you should take it to an appraiser. You don't want to do this a first because the appraiser's charge may be more than the item is worth. Find an appraiser in your area by checking out the American Society of Appraisers, by calling your insurance agent, or asking the trust manager at your bank.

    As old metal signs are very popular now, many sites offer to identify and value them. Look for a site that has information on your particular sign. Include the size of the sign in your description. Collectors Weekly features some information on the topic.