Surviving Office Politics: Coping And Succeeding In The Workplace Jungle (Business Solutions)

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Every individual and leader has their comfort zone--behaviors, values, attitudes, fears, and drives that result in productive relationships. Actions outside these comfort zones will likely lead to feuds, hidden decisions, excessive arguing, counter-productive lobbying, and back-biting.

Before coming and launching a fully-fledged proposal at a committee or in a memorandum, it's smart to test opinion and find out how key people will react. This enables you to anticipate counter-arguments and update your proposal to answer objections and to accommodate political realities. Facts and merit don't make decisions--people make decisions.

Just as you do your homework on the facts, also it pays to do your homework by visiting the players in a given situation. Effective management is the process of harmonizing individual interests with the goals of all business stakeholders. Politically insensitive business people often try to steam-roll others with emotion, a barrage of facts, or a claim of high-level support. In fact, a political approach is often the best solution where clarity of goals is not absolute.

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Successful businesses are run by building relationships, and every relationship is a two-way street. If you are viewed as always demanding support, but never giving it, your effectiveness will be greatly reduced, even when you are right. When your integrity and values are at stake, do not fold. Everyone needs to see that you do have strong principles, and are not merely compliant with the whims of a political power center. Even the most powerful influencers don't win every battle, and need to show that they are still part of the team.

I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. She is so bad. I will pay her one dollar a year and all the dresses she can buy! Vanity Fair , How about me with the women?

How can you survive Organizational Politics & thrive in Corporate Culture?

Can you imagine? I guess he's an anti-Semite.

He doesn't like the blacks, he doesn't like the gays. It's just incredible that anybody could embrace this guy. And maybe he'll get 4 or 5 percent of the vote and it'll be a really staunch right wacko vote.

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I have to keep that door open because if something happens where I'm not treated fairly I may very well use that door. But the working guy would elect me.

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  • He likes me. They are personal vendettas disguised as objective reporting. Travel is time-consuming and, in my opinion, boring — especially compared with the fun I have doing deals in my office. I can never understand people who say that if they had a lot of money they would spend their time traveling. Many studies have found that you catch colds and who knows what else from shaking hands.

    Office Politics: Your Hidden Superpower ✓

    A guy walked into my office two weeks ago. Then he wanted to shake my hand when I left. I just wash my hands. I believe in no handshake. It is a terrible practice. Trump, I would like to shake your hand. It fits my head. Those who criticize me are only losers and envy people. Do you want to touch it?

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    Then I read the newspapers and watch the news on television, and slowly the hair dries. It takes about an hour. So, he started it. Trump, you have strong hands. You have good-sized hands. Trump, I had no idea. You know, my hands are normal.

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    Slightly large, actually. In fact, I buy a slightly smaller than large glove, OK? I like it and I feel I should have it and I think it would be inappropriate for me not to have it. When people see Trump Tower, I'm not sure it would be appropriate for me to hop in a Chevy and drive away. If you walked up and saw a horrible apartment with a seven-foot ceiling and shag carpeting or something you'd say, 'This is unbelievable. I don't do it because I need it. I do it for other reasons. I just swing at it. Some people have a talent for piano.

    Some people have a talent for raising a family. Some people have a talent for golf. I just happen to have a talent for making money. As for my yacht, The Trump Princess, it is a dazzling trophy and a terrific business tool, but it never really became part of my personal life. For me, you see, the important thing is the getting But I also enjoy some privacy once and while. Of course, I always have access to money, and I have hundreds of checking accounts. And let me tell you, a display is a good thing. It shows people that you can be successful.