Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

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However, there are many treatments that may help with the progression of PPMS symptoms. These immunosuppressive therapies include:. Some medications are used to treat specific symptoms of PPMS. Targeted therapies may help symptoms such as bladder and bowel dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and spasticity.

Over-the-counter and prescription medications can help relieve aches and pains. These medications usually work by decreasing inflammation. Since PPMS does not involve significant inflammation, these drugs are often not recommended. Ultimately, the treatment plan that your doctor recommends will depend on your symptoms and overall health.

For example, people with PPMS may be able to relieve some symptoms with exercise and stretching. This can preserve mobility, control weight gain, and increase energy levels. Eating a nutritious diet and staying on a regular sleep schedule are also beneficial. Here are some basic lifestyle tips that may improve your overall health and quality of life:.

Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Some people find that massage, meditation, or acupuncture help to relieve stress and ease pain. Physical and occupational therapy can also teach strategies for increasing mobility and managing symptoms, leading to improved quality of life. Take advantage of assistive devices that can help you function and maintain your independence.

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You can also apply for accessibility accommodations and services. For example, if you drive, consider applying for a special parking permit. One is that MS begins as an inflammatory process of the autoimmune system that causes loss of myelin. The second is that the disease may be an immune response triggered by a viral infection.

Trial shows unprecedented slowing in progressive multiple sclerosis

This can later cause nerve degeneration or damage. Research into what may trigger the immune system response responsible for MS is ongoing. Possibilities include viruses or environmental toxins. Why some people develop PPMS is also unknown.

Four modifiers are used to characterize PPMS over time:. There are options to seek support on an individual basis or in the wider MS community. Living with a chronic illness can take an emotional toll. They may refer you to a mental health professional who can help. You can also look for a mental health professional on your own.

For example, the American Psychological Association offers a search tool to find psychologists throughout the United States. You may find it helpful to talk to other people who are living with MS. Consider looking into support groups, either online or in-person. The National MS Society offers a service to help you find local support groups in your area.

They also have a peer-to-peer connection program run by trained volunteers who live with MS. As with other forms of MS, symptoms vary tremendously from person to person, as does the rate of progression. Over time, people with PPMS may develop problems walking and moving around independently. Fatigue and other symptoms may make it difficult to perform everyday activities. However, most people with MS have a normal or near-normal lifespan.

If you have PPMS, be sure to see your doctor on a regular basis. Developing healthy lifestyle habits and staying connected to sources of support can also help you maintain your quality of life and overall well-being. Actress Selma Blair revealed via Instagram that she is undergoing a stem cell treatment called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation HSCT to slow…. Ardra Shephard has lived with multiple sclerosis for 17 years. While she has a handle on managing it now, her first-year post-diagnosis was difficult….

Rania was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at At first, she kept quiet about her diagnosis as she navigated her new way of living. That can also make it harder to reach a diagnosis. Read more about how MS is diagnosed.


Some people who have progressive MS from the start also experience relapses on top of the clear progression. This is sometimes described as progressive relapsing MS.

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Find out more about managing symptoms. Trials are also testing drugs to see if they can slow down how fast people with progressive MS see their disability get worse. One drug called ocrelizumab Ocrevus can do this for some people with early primary progressive MS. It can work only if they have relapses or inflammation can be seen on MRI scans of their brain or spinal cord. We hope it will soon be available in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland too. Visit our ocrelizumab page for updates. HSCT might be another option for a small number of people with progressive MS and who still have inflammation.

There's a range of tests a neurologist will use to find out if you have MS or not. MS has many symptoms and not everyone will experience all of them. These include eye problems, pins and needles, fatigue and pain. Read about what causes them and how to manage them.

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There are lots of ways to manage MS. Find out about drug treatments, diet, exercise and complementary and alternative therapies. Multiple Sclerosis Society. Registered as a limited company in England and Wales We use cookies but not the edible kind to make our website better for everyone.

Some cookies are important for our website to run. These cookies remember choices you make on the site to improve your experience. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Primary progressive MS. Diagnosis The diagnosis of any form of MS can take a long time. Read more about how MS is diagnosed Progressive relapsing MS Some people who have progressive MS from the start also experience relapses on top of the clear progression.

Frontiers | Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: Putting Together the Puzzle | Neurology

Managing primary progressive MS Managing symptoms There are many ways of managing the symptoms of primary progressive MS. Research continues in this vital area. When symptoms change, different people might be best placed to help. For example: a physiotherapist and occupational therapist can often help to minimise the effects of muscle weakness or unsteadiness on your feet a dietician might help you find ways to eat healthily if you're less mobile an occupational therapist can help make adjustments around home or work to make things easier.