Nampeyo and Her Pottery

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Pioneered by Giovanni Morelli, and practiced extensively with European paintings and Greek vases, it involves the close observation of patterns in the production of details like ears, hands, or other objects.

Individual artists will do these motifs differently and in an idiosyncratic manner that connoisseurs learn to recognize. In identifying Pueblo pottery, details of line work, glyphs, molding, polishing, and pattern are used to distinguish the work of different potters. It is not just Nampeyo pottery that is identified using this technique.

The Nampeyo Legacy: A Family of Hopi-Tewa Potters

This technique of connoisseurship is combined with other information, if available, to form a judgement about the creator of a piece. Perhaps there is a well established provenance from the original buyer, involving a photo or a note. There may be a photo of the potter holding the pot. A potter may be famous for producing a certain design during a certain period and there may be known similar examples in museums or pictured in publications that can help establish the identity of the potter with increased confidence.

Arizona Women's Heritage Trail

She visited the ruins of ancient villages and copied designs from pieces of prehistoric and protohistoric pottery onto paper, then reproduced the designs on her own vessels. Note: Nampeyo's birth date has been stated to be either or by noted photographer W.

Jackson who photographed her in At the time, he said she was 17 or 18 years of age. Plateau, A Quarterly. On this vessel created for such clientele, she depicts katsinam spirit beings with variations in headdresses and colors in an arching, rectangular double-line frame.

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Public Domain. Artist: Nampeyo Hopi-Tewa, ca.

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Date: ca. Geography: Made in Arizona, United States. Culture: Hopi-Tewa, Native American.

C3683A Black-on-red with White Outlining Hopi Canteen by Annie Nampeyo

Medium: Clay and pigment. Classification: Ceramics.