Liquid-Crystal Polymers

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POLYPLASTICS: Low-dielectric liquid crystal polymers for telecommunications |

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    Liquid Crystal Polymer Market Size, Growth and Forecast 2017 2025

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    Introduction To Liquid Crystal Polymers

    Hsu, T. Pracella, M. Tealdi, A. Jenkis, J. Itoyama, K. Chen, G. Various devices have been proposed and investigated for this purpose, ranging from nonlinear Fabry-Perot cavities that act as bistable devices to thin-film semiconductor heterostructure devices made of multiple quantum well MQW material. One example of the latter is a self- electro-optic device SEED that acts as a light-triggered switch Miller et al. Because throughput through such devices is highly parallel, they are capable of handling large amounts of information. A premium is put on optical power requirements in such devices, as opposed to the switching rate of the device.

    In serial processing, bandwidth is determined by the number of switching operations per second. Where NR appears in the table, the measurement was made under nominally nonresonant conditions.