Gold, Peace, and Prosperity

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He explains why sound money has meant the gold standard.

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity: The Birth of a New Currency - Ron Paul - Google книги

The monograph is written in the clearest possible terms with the goal of explaining the basics of paper money and its effects of inflation, business cycles, and government growth. He maps out a plan to bring about a dollar that is as good as gold, one that would be protected against manipulation by government and central bankers. Part of that strategy is the minting of a new gold one but the more far-reaching plan involves a redefinition of the dollar and complete monetary competition.

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This monograph first appeared in , and it has been in wide distribution ever since. But we've never had an edition this beautiful, this affordable, and this handy. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Related Searches. The Case for Gold. This book is a reprint of the report of the US Gold Commission originally published As with all federal government publications, this work is public domain. Paul blamed the Federal Reserve for inflation, and spoke against View Product.

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It is a very short read but loaded with essential facts about history and economic law, something of which the education of this country is sorely lacking. Aug 30, Michael rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone interested in Liberty.

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity: Ron Paul - 1981

Everybody else should read books that will cause them to fail;-. This is the most concise explanation of fractional reserve banking, and systematic currency debasement I have ever read.

It very clearly shows the transfer of wealth from the hands of the poor and middle class to the wealthy. It also makes some chilling predictions that we are now seeing come to pass, which is shocking considering it was written in I recommend this be added to the bookshelf of anyone interested in liberty, economics, or history. Thanks Dr Paul, and thanks LvMI for making t This is the most concise explanation of fractional reserve banking, and systematic currency debasement I have ever read.

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Oct 26, Rob rated it really liked it. This is an excellent introduction to understanding inflation and how it effects the economy and our standard of living. It's packed with historical lessons showing that eventually, the printing of money will have to cease and we will have to deal with the pain of the poor decisions our government has made in terms of our monetary policies. Jul 04, Jason Hallmark rated it really liked it.

A little dated because of the time that it was initially published, but the core arguments and observations are sound.

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This book is available as a podcast and reading along side the audio really helped. If this were to be updated to reflect policy developments since the initially publishing, this would become a powerful tool to advance the cause of sound economic policy making.

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  8. Nov 19, John Ulrich rated it it was amazing. To think this was written 30 years ago and it holds just as true today as then. This is a quick easy read, but the lessons to be learned are innumerable. Take a couple hours to read this important document on the absolute necessity of having a currency backed by precious metals.

    Arash A rated it really liked it Sep 09, Michael Harris rated it it was amazing May 23, Salman Alfaresy rated it it was amazing Sep 12, Stephen rated it liked it Jun 21, Jon Nix rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Abdelghani Ben Mekki rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Aaron rated it really liked it Nov 04, Casey rated it liked it Mar 26, Brett rated it really liked it Jan 05, James DiPasquale rated it it was amazing Dec 06, August rated it it was amazing Jul 07, Robin Spielberger rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Jeff rated it it was amazing Mar 07, N J rated it really liked it Dec 29, Patrick rated it really liked it Mar 02,