Electrochemistry of metal chalcogenides

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It also aims to survey their photoelectrochemistry, both from a material-oriented point of view and as connected to specific processes such as photocatalysis and solar energy conversion. Finally, the book illustrates the relevance of MCh materials to various applications of electrochemical interest such as electro catalysis in fuel cells, energy storage with intercalation electrodes, and ion sensing. Electrochemistry of Metal Chalcogenides.

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Blood glucose levels are typically monitored with the help of glucose detection through electrochemical oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid or gluconolactone. Typically, in conventional glucose detectors, enzyme-based electrochemical sensors are used which suffers from several critical challenges including reduced efficiency and sensitivity, reduced shelf lives, lack of long-term stability due to enzyme denaturation , high fabrication cost due to complex enzyme purification steps , and high detection limit due to less efficient indirect electron transfer.

In this presentation we will discuss about designing high-efficiency direct glucose electrochemical sensors from transition metal chalcogenides using principles of materials chemistry, specifically, tuning the redox potential of the transition metal site.

These chalcogenides can offer direct electron transfer pathways over a wide potential range leading to much higher sensor efficiency. Moreover, the sensing performance of these electrocatalysts were tested in presence of common interferents present in physiological samples such as dopamine, ascorbic acid, lactose, etc.

In fact, the ability to oxidize glucose at such low potential is considered to be one of the most prominent novelty of these chalcogenide electrocatalysts, and the glucose oxidation potential of 0. The reason for such high activity for glucose oxidation was investigated through a series of experiments designed to alter the redox potential of the transition metal site either by changing the anion selenide to telluride , transition metal doping NiSe vs CoNi 2 Se 4 , or changing the d-electron occupancy NiSe vs Cu 2 Se.

Through these measurements we observed that on changing the electronegativity of the anion from selenide to telluride, the glucose oxidation potential could be reduced further due to transition metal site oxidation occurring at a lower potential.

The transition metal site oxidation can be considered as the catalyst activation step which initiates the glucose oxidation. These films showed exceptional activity for the hydrogen evolution reaction.

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The MoS [subscript x] catalyst was coupled with an organic layer protected p-Si substrate and was shown to exhibt high activity for the photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction. The deposition had to be altered due to the limitations of p-type silicon, this involved the addition of a proton source to induce cathodic deposition of the MoS [subscript x] catalyst. RHE in the same system.

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