Deepwater foundations and pipeline geomechanics

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Shawn holds a B. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Texas. Dan has near twenty years of experience in marine geology and geophysics- mostly for industry projects. He specializes in high resolution surveys, geochemical, and geotechnical data in support of offshore engineering and drilling operations.

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He has also contributed to the recognition of gas hydrate phenomena in seismic data. Gas hydrates clathrates of natural gas and water are currently being investigated as a potential unconventional hydrocarbon resource. Additionally, some of his hobbies are cycling, camping, BBQ, live music, and the arts. In Andrew accepted a position as Geophysical Manager with the goal to establish a geohazard interpretation consultancy service in Houston, Texas, which grew to presently employ over 25 professionals.

His experiences include extensive offshore marine geohazard projects of many types, from all oceans, and most countries with an active energy industry. Andrew also leads a team of professionals in an educational outreach effort to schools and colleges across Houston and beyond with the aim of bringing industry experienced professionals into classrooms to disseminate knowledge to students and future industry professionals. During the years, Mr. Lanier also worked as the offshore project leader designing, developing, and managing both high-resolution geophysical and geotechnical surveys.

Prior to this he was Metocean Global Business Line Manager at Fugro where he was responsible for overseeing all meteorological, oceanographic and environmental activities. This has included both field measurement and monitoring system campaigns and the detailed analysis and interpretation of data. Kerry J.

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    Articles by "PipeLines". Showing posts with label PipeLines. Show all posts. Schlumberger OLGA v Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator: The industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation. Maximize production and minimize risk: Successful production system design and operations requires a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behavior.

    Flow modeling and simulation provides valuable insights into flow behavior, including the physics describing flow through the entire production systems, from reservoir pore to process facility.