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This is across all of the current flavors of Windows and Linux OS's.

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Nearly every machine is either running the integrated graphics or an Nvidia based 6,7 or 8 GPU based card. While most of the machines are running Crucial memory ,, some are currently running with the no name brand sticks from my local parts distributor the machine I'm typing this on.

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The only thing all these machines have in common is that they are built using Antec cases and power supplies, which may or may not be the key factor with my experience vs yours. All these variables with ZERO failures to date.

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No issues with drivers, applications or hardware failures period. Unless of course your sampling was more than just one or two boards.

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  • Honestly, it sounds as though you either had issues with ESD or happened to get a bad board or two. If thats the case, I don't think painting the whole family as something to stay away from as being good advice. The computers run the gamut from PII's to the latest quad cores. It has been my experience that the Nvidia based machines have been the most pleasurable machines to deal with to date.

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    In case you want to file a performance issue, the way to include a performance trace is to go to the Additional details section and click the Recreate my problem button. You will get additional options:.

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    Check the Include data about box and select Performance as the category. Assuming the performance problem is ongoing, click Start capture and let it run for about 15 seconds, then click Stop capture.

    Intel 80386

    If the performance problem occurs only when you perform a certain activity, then click Start capture , then do the activity that creates the performance issue, and then click Stop capture. The tool for this is the Windows Performance Analyzer. Create an analysis page for that graph and zoom in to the period of high CPU.

    savedeo.com/buy-chloroquine-500mg-pills.php And indeed most of it is going to the System process with The Idle thread is a distant second with Now we can group purely by stacks. Aha, basically all of the work items are going to the the Contoso driver, and that driver does very little work of its own.