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Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract Gasification increases the opportunities of using biomass and waste as an energy source because the fuel is converted into a fuel gas suitable for various applications. Citing Literature.

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Paper Titles. Protective Efficiency of Filtering Respirators p. On the Problem of Filter Respirator Selection p. Article Preview. Abstract: The purpose of this paper is substantiating of efficiency during application of borehole underground coal gasification technology based on target coal seam geology. Add to Cart.

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Abstract: Through testing the mountainous shallow-buried coal seam mining working face strata behaviors in Faer mine field, it got the strata behaviors: it was of large roof pressure, high rate of safety valve opening in hydraulic support, and even some supports crushed or took separation between top beams and tail beams. With the discrete element simulation software UDEC it analyzed the strata movement feature, and got that the overlying strata took collapse and horizontal displacement after mountainous shallow-buried coal seam mined, and the strata movement feature was different between reverse slope mining and positive slope mining.

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Authors: Zhi Gang Yan. Abstract: Coal mining can cause the strata distortion and surface subsidence. With infrastructure construction scale in our country enlargement, the case of approaching excavation caused by coal mining is increasing and more complicated. The calculation method of current regulations is too simple and don't conform to the present coal mining technology, so it will cause serious waste of resources.

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By using numerical simulation, this paper regards the influence of coal mining on the above tunnel as approaching excavation problem and studies the tunnel deformation law with three different coal mining mode. Based on the analysis and calculation, this paper proposes measures to ensure that the coal seam mining and tunnel's safety.

The result indicates the more smaller the dip angle of coal block the more larger the displacement and the deformation range of tunnel. The most effective method for decrease deformation is the backfill method. If the conditions are permitted, backfill method is the preferred method and longwall caving method is last. Authors: Jia Ming Han. Abstract: working face is arranged as the third Mechanized sublevel caving mining face in the east-wing area along the coal seam by Dafosi company of the Binchang Mining Group Corporation.

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According to the conclusion based on the research about Binchang area coal geology not only shows the roof and floor lithology, structure, hydrology, the gas, dust features and so on but also proposes mining roadway supporting schemes and putting them into practice. Practical application shows that roadway supporting schemes effectively control the two-sided displacement and relative movement of the roof and floor to ensure the daily production of coal mine.

Abstract: Duanwang Coal Mine in Shanxi province, China, is located at north of Qinshui coalfield which gently inclined and thick seams have been mined. Authorized production capacity of the coal mine is 1.

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With the increase of mining depth, the mine gas emission quantity increased.