Citizenship and Vulnerability: Disability and Issues of Social and Political Engagement

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Rethinking Sexual Citizenship

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Active Citizenship in Europe

Social Text 72 20, 3 : — Richardson D. Sociology 32 1 : 83— Sexualities 7 4 : — The rise of a neoliberal politics of normalisation. Antipode 37 3 : — Sociology 41 3 : — In: Paternotte D, Tremblay M, editors. By continuing to browse this repository, you give consent for essential cookies to be used. You can read more about our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Beckett, A. Drawing on new empirical research with disabled people in the UK, and considering the work of theorists such as Berlin, Habermas and Mouffe, Ellison's ideas of proactive and defensive engagement and Turner's 'sociology of the body', Angharad Beckett proposes a new model of 'active' citizenship that rests upon an understanding of 'vulnerable personhood'.

Our main finding is the political trajectory of solidarity can have a remarkable potential even when it comes to helping vulnerable people outside the national boundaries of the political community in France. Solidarity has come under heavy strain in Europe over the last decade, at the same time as the economic, social, and political crisis of has had a tremendous impact on the attitudes and behaviours of European citizens Giugni and Grasso In the media, the crisis has often been discussed using footage depicting human despair.

Ultimately, the idea that solidarity—a notion which has had an essential influence on the emergence of a sense of European citizenship —may well have lost its importance has given rise to systematic criticisms of the European project Dainotto The possibility that Europe may have entered a new homo homini lupus era calls for further research on the topic of solidarity, in order to assess whether Europeans can still rely on solidarity as a community resource Bourgeois ; Hanagan ; Hyman , or whether they have fractured into different and dispersed archipelagos of special interests.

Why Citizen Engagement: Roxane White at TEDxMileHigh

Nowhere is an analysis of solidarity more crucial than in France, which in this respect seems to stand at a crossroads. If we begin with the disabled, one notes that protection for the disabled has worsened in France, particularly if we consider the impact of public expenditure cuts and the reduction in the overall scope of government action.

While public authorities do oversee a generous healthcare system, they only dedicate a minor fraction of its resources to disability policies, prompting increasing outcries from disability groups.

6. Rights of Refugees with Disabilities

In terms of the erosion of welfare entitlements, another group that has been massively affected are the unemployed, who have faced a significant decline in the amount of financial support made available to them and in their chances of being reinserted into the labour market Chabanet , Refugees, meanwhile, have been the target of many restrictive measures. The way we approach solidarity in this chapter is quite comprehensive and hinges on an important distinction between two different meanings of solidarity: solidarity understood as an input and solidarity understood as an output.

Social inclusion and social citizenship towards a truly inclusive society

On the one hand, we focus on areas where solidarity expresses itself as a process, whether at the individual level of empathy with the vulnerable or at the political level through partaking within the republican community. On the other hand, we also consider the instances where solidarity expresses itself through one-off actions carried out by individuals at a specific time and place. In particular, we are attentive to the very varied nature of the repertoire of actions carried out by different individuals Teorell et al. Our first major goal in this chapter is to provide a detailed analysis of the way solidarity actions vary within and across the three fields of vulnerability analysed here.

The second, more ambitious, goal of the present chapter is to search for the broad causes that could help to explain these variations in the nature of the solidarity actions carried out. The chapter starts by presenting the three fields of vulnerability that are the focus of our analysis, and it outlines the theoretical foundations for choosing these groups in particular.